Smart Shuffle Player

Do you:

If so, the day you’ve always dreamed of has finally arrived! Smart Shuffle Player starts out playing your music in shuffle mode like a regular player, but with time it learns your music preferences and plays only songs you want to hear. No more dealing with playlists–just start listening and skip any songs that you don’t want to listen to right now.

At least, that’s the idea. I need users so I can find out how effective it really is. Just start using the app and it will automatically send me usage data that will help to improve the algorithm. I also appreciate additional feedback–send an email to

How it works

Smart Shuffle remembers every song it plays for you and whether or not you skipped it. If you listen to two songs in the same listening session, Smart Shuffle assumes those songs go well together. If you listen to one song but skip a different one, it assumes those songs don’t go well together.

When you start a new listening session, Smart Shuffle will guess a few songs to play. Once it finds a song that you don’t skip, it’ll play more songs that go well with that song. It’ll also keep throwing in new songs so it can get a feel for your entire music library.


If you’re a coder and this project sounds interesting, shoot me an email! I have big plans for it. You can check out the source code for the app and the recommendation engine on Github. In addition to continually improving the engine, I’m planning to create a cross-platform app that works on both Android and iOS.