I worked as a software engineer until I quit in January 2019. My specialty is web application architecture (especially with Clojure and Datomic), and I enjoy building prototypes and MVPs. I’m currently working full-time on my startup, Lagukan.com. If you’d like to chat, shoot me an email: foo@jacobobryant.com




Lagukan.com, a music recommendation service

Trident, a bunch of Clojure libraries (Github)

FlexBudget, a flexible budgeting app (Github)

Clue–the board game, including AI (Github)

Smart Shuffle Player (Github)

Scripture Mastery Helper (Github)

Auto documentation generater (Github)

Research Papers

Enhancing next-track recommendation based on skipping behaviour

Moodful next-track music recommendation based on skipping behaviour

A survey of music recommendation and possible improvements

Calculating music similarity with mobile device playlists