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October 2022
last post! merging with tfos newsletter next week
stuff i read: 17 october 2022
what does success look like for you?
stuff i read: 10 october 2022
stuff i read: 3 october 2022
September 2022
stuff i read: 26 september 2022
stuff i read: 19 september 2022
stuff i read
February 2022
return of the biff
December 2021
building for the open web
a mental model for decentralization
the messy future of social media
pass the jelo
November 2021
the future of future of discovery + software invention
July 2021
the findka api
the sample roadmap
the future of discovery
the substack narrative
June 2021
synthesis of show hn: the sample
findka essays is back online
why i'm excited about newsletters
app idea: casual curated newsletters
what i'm trying to do
newsletter platforms: please support 1-click subscribe
May 2021
protocol-based social networking, today
started learning recorder recently
the recommender system you've always wanted
roots and branches: centralization and the role of software startups
some thoughts on newsletter advertising
April 2021
the pros and cons of algorithmic curation
an algorithm for driving newsletter traffic
api-only businesses
adapters first, then protocols
March 2021
merging the sample with findka essays, sort of
the last marketplace
filter bubbles vs. divisiveness
algorithms don't cause filter bubbles, people do
findka essays status update
we need user-centric data
February 2021
the sample: solving discovery for newsletters
get more newsletter subscribers with findka xp
what i wish i could've done instead of college
January 2021
what i wish i could've done instead of college
fancy form posts in biff
marketing findka etc.
an open-source discussion aggregator
move fast, but understand the problem first
a job board for people who aren't looking for jobs
sane political discourse
use findka via rss
a question for people who run newsletters
some personal news
December 2020
processing rss feeds with repl.it
how to get the most out of findka
findka product roadmap
a new take on rss
a new take on rss
new feature: recommendations on the website
re:clojure conference talk on friday
November 2020
four software ideals
findka survey results
big release for biff
October 2020
how git could help save the open web
building an essay recommender system in 10 days
how git could help save the open web
why i don't take notes
why i don't take notes
a conversation about startups and web dev in clojure
just launched findka essays
September 2020
join the beta for findka essays
join the beta for findka essays
new essay: the trade-offs of being a startup founder
the trade-offs of being a startup founder
a macro i'm proud of
August 2020
findka is now a (dank) social network
July 2020
meetup on monday: intro to biff
about that materialize integration...
materialize integration almost done (knock on wood)
findka + libpython-clj
serving findka's recommendations via libpython-clj
June 2020
plans for scaling findka
spike in findka usage; social networking soon
findka marketing, experimenting with materialize.io, biff launch prep
biff docs done; new findka features
May 2020
tic tac toe with biff and next steps for findka
findka: project management, new ui, on-demand recommendations
migrating to biff
migrating to biff, a self-hosted firebase alternative for clojure
April 2020
yet another component alternative
what could you do with a general-purpose recommender system?
growth for findka and simplified query subscriptions for crux
sneak peek: biff, a clojurey alternative to firebase
a recommender system in 30 lines of clojure
March 2020
jacob o'bryant's newsletter
how to edit s-expressions in vim without plugins
just finished mystery cows, an app for learning clojurescript
stubbing out clojurescript + react
a chatroom for mystery cows, thou pribbling clack-dish
just released: trident.firestore
clojure and firestore and cloud functions, oh my
February 2020
recommender system economics, reactive queries, and thoughts on pioneer
firebase authentication with clojure
jacobobryant.com update
landing pages with clojure and firebase
jacobobryant.com update
the solo hacker's guide to clojure
jacobobryant.com update
January 2020
findka progress update
jacobobryant.com update
jacobobryant.com update
startup validation for hackers
lagukan progress update
findka architecture: airtable and fulcro
December 2019
update on jacobobryant.com
aws battles
new post on jacobobryant.com
November 2019
what i've learned since quitting my job
new post on jacobobryant.com
October 2019
new post on jacobobryant.com
first steps with clojure
August 2019
the rationality of faith
June 2019
jacobobryant.com update
growing a framework, or, clojure made easy
May 2019
building a crud app with datomic cloud ions
what i'm doing with my life
April 2019
programmers and musicians
March 2019
the future of work and education
love, ambition and suffering
February 2019
October 2018
grad school
production and learning
understanding clojure
September 2018
what is computer science all about?
a brief history of agile
June 2018
better goals and plans
May 2018
structure vs. flexibility
April 2018
how to build the next tech empire
living the dream
February 2018
January 2018
how to improve cs education at byu
December 2017
big ideas (rough draft)
April 2017
i heart dropbox
January 2017
review: the wise men
March 2016
nearer, dear savior, to thee
February 2016
money management
December 2015
child labor
clarinet ergonomics
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