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Biff docs done; new Findka features
3 June 2020

Hello from Washington. We finished our move here from Utah last week. The number of dogs we killed on the freeway is a close zero.

It took a while (especially with the distraction of moving), but I’ve completed a first draft of comprehensive documentation for Biff: https://biffweb.com. It has lots of examples, many taken from the Tic Tac Toe app I mentioned last time. Now would be a great time to try it out. I’m planning to do another batch of work on Biff after a few weeks, and I’ll incorporate any feedback I get. I’ll probably do a Show HN for it after that.

On Findka, you no longer have to create an account before trying it out (:party_emoji:). Here’s what the new landing page looks like:

This should make it much smoother to share Findka with others. It means that I’m ready to do a Show HN for this too (that’ll probably come next week). I’ve held off on it because I didn’t think posting a landing page with nothing but a signup box would be very effective.

A few more features:

I’ve continued to change my mind on how what features to implement before I focus primarily on user acquisition. I now think that Findka has enough features actually. I talked previously about aggregating RSS and letting you publish your own feeds, but I’ve decided that both those can wait. I think Findka is now a solid product, and I feel quite confident in promoting it.

So! I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly I can get it to start growing over the next few weeks. I’ll continue doing feature dev after I have more users to talk to and I have a better picture of what other people want.

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