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re:Clojure conference talk on Friday
1 December 2020

I’m giving a talk on Biff at the re:Clojure conference this Friday. My talk will be pre-recorded (my internet connection isn’t that great), but there will be a live Q&A session afterwards, combined with one other talk. Earlier the same day, there will also be a Biff workshop (if you’re on the US west coast like me… might want to start adjusting your sleep schedule now :slightly_smiling_face:). Here’s a snippet from the schedule:

In other news, I just published Four software ideals:

I just read making computers better and re-read seven ideals for local-first software. I've been inspired to write down some of my own ideals. I've taken the first one directly from the Hacker HOWTO: …

I spent pretty much all of Saturday writing this. Lots of thought went into it. My favorite part is the “Extensibility” section. I included an Emacs analogy which I think is accurate… though I’m not actually an Emacs user myself. It’s based on what I’ve seen other people say about Emacs.

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