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A new take on RSS
10 December 2020

I’ve just published A new take on RSS, which describes Findka’s latest feature: RSS aggregation. I didn’t go into this in the post, but I have a lot more plans for RSS. My current end vision for Findka (subject to change) is to be a stream processing tool for end users. You subscribe to a number of feeds/streams/sources, and then Findka lets you transform them into output feeds/sinks. You’ll be able to choose how much you want algorithms to help out. Anyway… I’m avoiding the urge to get ahead of myself too much. Better to do it a step at a time and check user feedback. But I have some interesting ideas.

I also spruced up Findka’s design quite a bit. For example:

My content from the re:Clojure conference is up. The main talk (18 minutes):

Slides: https://jacobobryant.com/misc/reclojure-2020-jacobobryant.pdf

The workshop (an hour):

Workshop code: https://github.com/jacobobryant/biff-workshop

I’ve also embedded parts of the workshop throughout the Biff docs.

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