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Get more newsletter subscribers with Findka XP
3 February 2021

Last week, while pondering the universe (and specifically, how to get more Findka signups), the heavens opened and I received an epiphany: why not make a special link that people can paste into their newsletters, and when readers click the link, Findka's recommendation algorithm picks some other newsletters to show them? You could get the benefits of cross-promotion with zero coordination overhead! This is software at its finest: removing the need for human interaction and replacing it with machine learning. A victory for introverts everywhere.

I finished the technical design already and I've got a landing page up at xp.findka.com ("xp" as in "cross-promotion", get it?). It'll be pretty simple, and I expect to have it done within a couple days. I've decided to do a private beta. Fill out this form if you want to join.

I have big plans for this.

I don't write this newsletter anymore but am too lazy to disable this signup form. Subscribe over at tfos.co instead.