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Nearer, Dear Savior, To Thee
14 March 2016

I recently performed the hymn "Nearer, Dear Savior, To Thee" in church. I adapted it from a great arrangement by Andrew Hawryluk. I condensed the choir parts into a clarinet solo, adding some ornamentation to the third verse. The piano part is the same. In addition to the PDF, I've included the lilypond source code so others can modify it further if desired.

To anyone thinking about performing this, I would recommend taking out a phrase or two somewhere in the middle to give you a chance to catch your breath (perhaps rest in measures 67-70 and let the piano take over). The run in measure 82 was intended as a quick glissando, but I stretched it out to make it easier to play. The score I made is sparse on dynamics and articulation, so think about how you want to play it. The video will show you how I chose to do it. Lastly, the original score is already sharp-heavy, and the transposition to Bb only adds to the fun. So hopefully you know your scales :)


lilypond source code

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